Wednesday, 6 December 2017

My Last Post For The Year

I was closing my eyes. I 100% relied on them. They are my best friends and I wanted them to be on my last post for 2017. They are carrying me and I am the King :D

Christian is on the far left side and is my personal secretary. I am in the middle as a king. On the far right is my trusty right hand man(also known as the Magical Math Magician). I love this photo. That is why I wanted to put this photo on my last post of primary 2017.

One of my jobs on room 19 was a fish monitor. I liked my job and tried really hard and fed them at the right times. The fish names are, Ghost, iXPLODE(he is named after a famous gaming channel), Bulby, Demon, and finally, scavenger. Sadly, Ghost and Bulby died from a lack of oxygen. :(   Room 19 decided to bury them in our orchard. They will be remember through generations and generations. May they sleep peacefully to thy rest.

Well, that is my final welcome post. I hope you enjoyed my blog and have a great day. This is my last post but, I might upload one more post about dragons because I have a dragon obsession. Hope you enjoyed.

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