Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Holes - Make A Nail Polish

This is my nail polish for the holes activity. I had to make up and design a nail polish that is similar to the one The Warden used to slash her nails to slash across Mr. Sir's face.

Anzac Poster.

This is my Anzac information poster that I made with my friend. I finished this earlier on this year but I didn't upload it. Hope you like this and give me some positive feed back if you would like to. It's your choice.


This is my slideshow of Holes where I had to compare between the Holes Movie and the holes book. This activity was interesting because I could have my idea's all in this presentation. I worked very hard on this and hope you enjoy/enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


WALT: locate, select and evaluate text for specific information including internet sources

I was able to locate/select information from the internet. I tried to find some websites to help me but then, they were all adult websites and I couldn't understand the scientific words that were in the website. Luckily, Mrs P had found two websites that was more understandable and I selected some sentences and made them into my own words to put in my slideshow.\

Next time I could try to find the understandable websites on my own so it is fully my work. I also want to work more on research so I can get a lot better at it and I also can expand my knowledge more by reading and memorizing information that I can use in reality.

Ghost Speech Bubbles

This is my Ghost Four Speech Bubbles activity. I had to make four speech bubbles that Ghost might have been thinking right before they started the race on the track.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Post Card For Patina

This is a postcard that I had to make for my Patina activity. I really enjoyed this and I hope I can do a similar activity to this because this was really fun to write.

Ghost Math + How To Use A Calculator

WALT: use a calculator with accuracy.

I was able to use a calculator to get the total of my purchases and I also made sure that I spent only $2000 dollars on the dot and no more and also no less.

Next time I could do something similar to this so I can get better and improve because right now, I am really bad at this and I am not that proud of myself.

Speech 2017

WALT: deliberately choose words to create an effect on the audience

I was able to choose persuasive words in my speech like because, if you think, and the most, etc.
Next time I could use emotive language in the writing because I don't use it often and I should be able to use them deliberately.