Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kindness Acrostic Poem

WALT: Use the word 'kindness' to create an acrostic poem about Wonder by R.J. Palacio(and use new words in the process)


I was able to be successful on making a acrostic poem on the word kindness and also use new words that I have never pr hardly used in my whole entire life.
These are the new words I used in my reflection.
Infinite, elite and precept.

Next time I could come up with more new words and a better acrostic poem. Also I could do similar activities to this one to improve at acrostic poems and eventually get better and better at it over time because I think I could have done better.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Holes - Make A Nail Polish

This is my nail polish for the holes activity. I had to make up and design a nail polish that is similar to the one The Warden used to slash her nails to slash across Mr. Sir's face.

Anzac Poster.

This is my Anzac information poster that I made with my friend. I finished this earlier on this year but I didn't upload it. Hope you like this and give me some positive feed back if you would like to. It's your choice.


This is my slideshow of Holes where I had to compare between the Holes Movie and the holes book. This activity was interesting because I could have my idea's all in this presentation. I worked very hard on this and hope you enjoy/enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


WALT: locate, select and evaluate text for specific information including internet sources

I was able to locate/select information from the internet. I tried to find some websites to help me but then, they were all adult websites and I couldn't understand the scientific words that were in the website. Luckily, Mrs P had found two websites that was more understandable and I selected some sentences and made them into my own words to put in my slideshow.\

Next time I could try to find the understandable websites on my own so it is fully my work. I also want to work more on research so I can get a lot better at it and I also can expand my knowledge more by reading and memorizing information that I can use in reality.