Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Dragon Project

This is the best presentation I have ever made. Along with my best friend Christian, this was an astonishing slideshow and was made with knowledge. Hope you think about dragons too and don't be against them. They might be creatures that were real and maybr have walked the earth before us. It is probably 30% that dragons are real, but they are 100% real, *cough cough* in fantasies. A lot of people think that drago-*cough* dragons ar-*choke choke* are *mumble* uh....... ummm..... fake. -_-
But still. Enjoy this slideshow! Made with pleasure!

My Last Post For The Year

I was closing my eyes. I 100% relied on them. They are my best friends and I wanted them to be on my last post for 2017. They are carrying me and I am the King :D

Christian is on the far left side and is my personal secretary. I am in the middle as a king. On the far right is my trusty right hand man(also known as the Magical Math Magician). I love this photo. That is why I wanted to put this photo on my last post of primary 2017.

One of my jobs on room 19 was a fish monitor. I liked my job and tried really hard and fed them at the right times. The fish names are, Ghost, iXPLODE(he is named after a famous gaming channel), Bulby, Demon, and finally, scavenger. Sadly, Ghost and Bulby died from a lack of oxygen. :(   Room 19 decided to bury them in our orchard. They will be remember through generations and generations. May they sleep peacefully to thy rest.

Well, that is my final welcome post. I hope you enjoyed my blog and have a great day. This is my last post but, I might upload one more post about dragons because I have a dragon obsession. Hope you enjoyed.

Auggie's Classroom Perimeter

WALT: calculator the perimeter of shapes.

I was able to find the perimeter by multiplying the length and width of the shapes together. I knew my basic facts so it made it a tiny bit easier.

But it was still really hard and it seemed impossible at first. That is why I found this task really tricky and my brain was cracking up(well, not really, but it was really hard)!

Next time, I could do something very similar so I can get better and improve my perimeter skills to have more ways to solve question with perimeter.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Wonder Reading

WALT : recognize and understand specific language features

I was able to understand the meanings of different types of language features. For example, personification, idioms, hyperbole.
I found hyperbole and personifications tricky. I didn't know which was which.

So, next time I will work on personifications and hyperbole's and eventually improve my writings.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Kindness Acrostic Poem

WALT: Use the word 'kindness' to create an acrostic poem about Wonder by R.J. Palacio(and use new words in the process)


I was able to be successful on making a acrostic poem on the word kindness and also use new words that I have never pr hardly used in my whole entire life.
These are the new words I used in my reflection.
Infinite, elite and precept.

Next time I could come up with more new words and a better acrostic poem. Also I could do similar activities to this one to improve at acrostic poems and eventually get better and better at it over time because I think I could have done better.