Tuesday, 19 September 2017


WALT: locate, select and evaluate text for specific information including internet sources

I was able to locate/select information from the internet. I tried to find some websites to help me but then, they were all adult websites and I couldn't understand the scientific words that were in the website. Luckily, Mrs P had found two websites that was more understandable and I selected some sentences and made them into my own words to put in my slideshow.\

Next time I could try to find the understandable websites on my own so it is fully my work. I also want to work more on research so I can get a lot better at it and I also can expand my knowledge more by reading and memorizing information that I can use in reality.

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Mrs P said...

Great reflection Daniel. The internet is a massive source of information and it is really difficult sometimes to find information you are looking for. Often you need to scroll down a few times to find information that is easy for you to understand. Great reflection.